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Movie costumes through time:
Wyatt Earp

Starring f.e. Kevin Costner, Michael Madsen, Dennis Quaid, Gene Hackman, Mark Harmon, Bill Pullman, Jeff Fahey

Wyatt Earp - 1994: This epic version of the legendary western sheriff-gunslinger's life story stars Kevin Costner as Earp, who lived from 1848 to 1929. Growing up on a farm in Iowa, Earp tries to run away to join the Union Army in the Civil War, but he is turned away because of his youth. Instead, he studies law and marries Urilla Sutherland. But Urilla dies of typhoid fever before they can have children. Earp grows despondent and descends into drinking and petty thievery, but his father Nicholas finds him, sobers him up, and sets him straight. Earp becomes a buffalo hunter and a close companion of Bat Masterson and his brother Ed. With his brothers, Virgil and Morgan, Earp sets out to clean up the violence-plagued towns of the old West -- by using his own guns to settle scores. Earp takes up with Mattie Blaylock, a drug addict and prostitute, then discards her for actress Josie Marcus. In Tombstone, Arizona, the Earp brothers and their comrade Doc Holliday, who is plagued by tuberculosis and a compulsion for gambling, meet their match in a ruthless gang led by Ike Clanton.


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