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Movie costumes through time:
King Solomon's Mines

Starring f.e. Patrick Swayze, Alison Doody, Roy Marsden, Gavin Hood

King Solomon's Mines - 2004: Elizabeth Maitland hires American safari hunter Allan Quatermain to find her father Sam Maitland, who has been kidnapped by the Kaukaunas as he had drawn a map to the location of the legendary mines. The Russian Tsar was funding Sam's efforts to locate the mines, and sends pursuers after Quatermain and company. The film begins with Sam Maitland writing a letter to his daughter, and sending her a package. He is then captured by the Kaukaunas. Quatermain and McNabb are leading a European businessman on a Safari to hunt elephants. Quatermain seems reluctant to kill all the elephants, but the businessman insists, and McNabb has Quatermain tied up. The adult elephant is wounded, but escapes, and Quatermain warns the busunessman that it will now come after him. Later that night, the businessman is killed by the elephant, which then destroys the camp. Quatermain then goes to London, to rejoin his son, but is told by the boy's grandparents that they are filing for custody, as they believe that Quatermain is an unfit father. Quatermain is told by his lawyer that they will probably win. He leaves and goes to the bar. Whilst there, he is approached be Elizabeth Maitland and Captain Good, to find her father. He refuses, not knowing who she was, and she leaves her father's card on the bar. On the way home, Captain Good stops to talk to an old friend and Elizabeth continues on. She is attacked, but the attackers are fought off by Quatermain, who came after reading her father's card, and realising who she was. When they get back to the hotel, they find her room has been ransacked. She reveals her father had sent her a map to King Solomon's Mines, and despite Quatermain's sceptisicm about the map's authenticity, they leave for Africa. In Africa, they join with Sir Henry, one of Quatermain's old friends, along with some of Quatermain's African friends, and they set out to find Sam.



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